HIV/AIDS has no boundaries. Annie Lennox


The Intsika Trust exists to help and support those affected by HIV/AIDS, particularly in South Africa.  We do this by fundraising in the UK and working with community based projects in the provision of education, poverty relief and the protection of health.



Prior to 1980 there was not much known about HIV and Aids and in the relatively short time since then it has become one of the greatest threats to human health and development.  Millions have died from Aids related diseases world wide and millions have been orphaned. It has devastated families, communities and whole countries.

While there is still no cure for HIV, treatment has improved enormously since the 1980’s. The lives of people who have been infected by the disease can be improved and life expectancy extended through taking a combination of anti-retroviral drugs, sadly these are not, for a variety of reasons, accessible by everyone who needs them.  There is also inadequate access to prevention tools such as programmes to prevent mother-to-child transmission, HIV education, condoms and clean needles.

The worst affected region is sub-Saharan Africa, where in a few countries more than one in five adults is infected with HIV.

  • An estimated 5.6 million people in South Africa were living with HIV and AIDS in 2011, the highest number of people in any country.¹
  • South Africa has over 2.5 million AIDS orphans.
  • Another thousand children are orphaned in South Africa each day.
  • 32% of South African children will have lost a parent to AIDS by 2015.An estimated 5.6 million people

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