Focus project for 2014

This project will be chosen from the grant applications under consideration.  We take advice from advisors in the UK and in the country of application who have first hand knowledge of the project before approving any applications that are considered suitable.  This thoroughness does ensure that we can be confident in where and how the funding that you help us raise and donate goes and it is a slow process as the grass roots projects often have limited infrastructure and administration to support them.

If you would like to apply for a grant for your project please go to our finances page for further details.

The projects we are currently supporting are:

The Banana Appeal

The Banana Appeal works in Nkandla and Hluhluwe, Zululand, South Africa, which has one of the highest rates of HIV in the world and provides feeding schemes to provide much needed nutritional care to children and adults.  Their work was inspired by Sne, a young Zulu AIDS orphan.

To date they have provided over a million school meals to malnourished children through food to school projects. These projects not only feed the children, but enabled many of them to attend school were they gained a vital education, whilst removing the more deprived children from begging, child labour work and prostitution.

These schemes have proven so successful in uplifting the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of the children and orphans that the local government has now taken over our schemes, and set up additional Food to School Schemes which today are feeding as many as 70,000 children a day. We hope the government continues to expand these schemes so that all malnourished children in Zululand and beyond receive a hot school meal each day

Intyatyambo Community Project

Intyatyambo (which means “the flowers” in Xhosa) is an Educare Centre and Safe Haven in Khayelitsha near Cape Town, South Africa. With the rising number of Aids orphans in South Africa, the number is currently estimated to be 3.5 million (it stood at 2 milllion in 2010), the emphasis is now on keeping the children in their family homes with often an older sibling or a grandparent being their primary caretaker.

The Educare Centre offers these children, the majority of whom are under 5 years old, daycare, 2 meals a day and pre-school education.  For some of the children the meals provided will be the only ones they get in a day.  Some children will come from single parent families and the day care they receive enables the parent, usually the mother, to work away full time.  There is no welfare in South Africa and this is important for the families and community served by the project.

The Centre is currently housed in converted shipping containers and with no safe play area for the children.  With the support of sponsors and donors the project has been able to purchase a plot of land opposite the existing thriving Edu-care and the dream to build a permanent and safe centre became a reality when the ground was broken in 2012.

In addition to supporting the build of the centre we have also sponsored two of the children for a year.  You can read their story on our news page.

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