Imange and Indipile

Thanks to the generosity of family, friends and residents of Brill, Diane Sharp raised £1000 in October 2011 when she ran the Cardiff Half Marathon.  These funds have enabled us to sponsor Imange and Indipile for a year.  Both of these children are also benefiting from the support we have given to the Intyatyambo Community Project and are looking forward to their new Educare Centre.

Imange is a gorgeous 3.5 year old girl who lives with her mother in a shack. Her father died of AIDS last year and her mother is working as a domestic worker. Imange has been going to ICP for 2 years now and is thriving

Indipile is 3 years old and the class clown, always trying to make everyone laugh. He is learning fast and seems to enjoy showing others how to do things. His parents are both unemployed, live in a shack and his father is very unwell with TB.  It doesn’t look like he will survive and TB is often the secondary infection that kills most HIV sufferers.

Child Sponsorship

For less than £1 per day you could sponsor a child and provide them with healthcare, education, food and shelter.  You will receive a photograph of your child and a periodic newsletter to let you know how they are getting on.

For more information about current needs please contact us.